Food Mood: Cafe Max

I’ve been meaning to put this up for some time now, but better late than never. We wanted to celebrate one of my best friend’s birthday and use that occasion to try out a new joint for lunch. We settled on Cafe Max located at the Max Mueller Bhavan in Bengaluru. It was the best choice we could make because, I have now found a new favourite place that I would surely recommend to people.

Cafe Max
Located on the terrace, the restaurant has ample natural light and fresh breeze pouring in. They’ve not made too much of an effort to publicize the place, hence there was a small number of people when we went. I hear it’s normally crowded in the evenings. We ordered ourselves a few drinks which included Sangria. The Sangria is worth mentioning here because the fruits seem to have a tinge of some masala, giving you a very mild spicy hit as you drink it down. The drink was cold and hit the spot. My friend also tried the Fresh Orange Mojito which was quite refreshing too. 

We ordered three starters. The first was a plate of Chicken Skewers. The chicken skewers were marinated in orange juice, giving the dish a nice tangy citrus taste. The chicken itself was cooked perfectly allowing the meat to be really soft and absorb all the orange juice. We also ordered a plate of Spanish Coastal-style Prawns. These were prawns stir fried in olive oil with spring onions, garlic and chili. While I normally love prawns in any style, this dish didn't strike a great chord with me. The reason would be predominantly because the taste of olive oil lingered long after I had finished the prawn. The prawns themselves were done fairly alright maintaining the right amount of crunch. 

Chicken Skewers

Spanish Coastal-style Prawns
Now for the champion of the starters. We ordered a plate of Bratwurst ‘snail style’. This typical German sausage made of pork was the yummiest thing we had eaten so far. The meat was really soft, had the right amount of spice and was absolutely fabulous with the mustard sauce that was served. Thank god for the sausage because it took care of the lingering taste of olive oil in my mouth. While the dish was pricey, it was completely worth it. The sausages here are a definite recommendation from my side. I intend to try out all the varieties on the menu over the next few months.

As far as the main course goes, I ordered a plate of Salmon ‘Denmark Style'. I've very rarely come across salmon in India, so I jumped at the chance of trying it here considering the sausage had set very high expectations. And I was not disappointed. The grilled salmon came with sautéed potatoes, which were simply awesome and vegetables. The fish itself was done perfectly leaving all the right taste of the salmon intact. Thankfully, they didn't ruin the natural flavour of salmon with too much oil or spices. 

Salmon 'Denmark Style'

Salmon 'Denmark Style'

Onto the second best part of the meal – dessert. Yes, we had room for dessert. We started with a slice of the Walnut Chocolate Pie which was..... delicious. After a delicious meal of salmon, the lovely taste of chocolate which was not too sweet was just what the doctor ordered. We also tried a slice of the Lemon Pie. And that was..... OHMYGAWDTAKEMENOW. I kid you not, if I had died of a cardiac arrest at that moment, I would have been so happy that the lemon pie was the last thing I had tasted. It was sweet and tangy with a nice hazelnut base and was very light on the tummy. I have no words to describe the awesome desserts.

Walnut Chocolate Pie

Lemon Pie
I love Cafe Max now and hope to go there soon. If you do go to Cafe Max, do not miss out on the sausages and the desserts. Located on CMH Road, Cafe Max is ideal for a nice lazy weekend brunch. While service isn't the quickest, the ambience and food makes you want to stay longer. So it really doesn't bother you. Depending on how much you eat, a meal for two should cost around Rs.1500. But I can promise you that you’ll come back loving the place. 

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