Food Mood: Bistro Claytopia

People who know me know that the only time I’m not hungry is when I've just eaten. Some friends and I wanted to head out to dinner one evening, but we could not come up with a place to go to. We chose the Bistro Claytopia in Indiranagar as a rally point for everyone. The plan was to just sip some coffee while we waited for everyone to gather and we could figure out where to go.

Just a few days earlier, I read a post on FaceBook regarding the best burgers in town, and the burger from Claytopia was on the list. While I initially only ordered a Double Choco Cream Claypuccino, I ultimately gave in and ordered a burger. I ordered the Bistro Chicken burger which comes with a chicken fillet, salami, egg and cheese. Accompanied by some potato chips, the size of the burger was medium in size. And I say medium by comparing it to burgers I love at other joints. 

Bistro Chicken Burger

Double Choco Cream Claypuccino

Honestly, I wasn’t overly thrilled with the burger. While the taste wasn’t too bad, I feel I’ve had better elsewhere. It was filling but it didn’t make me want to come back a second time willingly. The burger surely beats the quality of all the global fast food joints. The taste was quite ordinary and really gave me nothing that set it apart from a regular burger. Also, while the drink I ordered was quite tasty it was not cold at all.

While Bistro Claytopia offers pleasant ambience to people looking to spend time catching up with friends, going by what I did eat, the food isn’t the greatest. I would like to go back some time later and try some of the other dishes to see if my opinion changes.