Food Mood: Madras Pavilion at the ITC Grand Chola

The Madras Pavilion at the ITC Grand Chola offers one of the best spreads for a buffet that I have seen in a long time. Keeping in tradition with the fact that the hotel is located in Chennai, the buffet offers a lavish spread of south Indian cuisine that was made superb. It also offers the less ambitious foreign traveller their fair share of less aggressive food to suit the palette. I won’t go into a detailed description of each of the dishes because I honestly don’t remember the names. But dinner lasted about three hours, so you can take a guess at how good the food was. 

Somethings that did stand out were the Blueberry Creme Brulee, the apple and potato thingy (I hate it when I have food amnesia), the filter coffee and the best part – the absolutely kick-ass pongal-vada for breakfast the next morning. Normally, the larger hotels make an absolute mess of the local dishes like idli, pongal, etc. But the Madras Pavilion got it spot on. It’s second on my list of all-time awesome pongal-vada. The first being a little place in the small town where the family deity is present.

So here goes...

Prawn and pineapple salad

Prawn Biryani

Filter Coffee