Launch: Smirnoff ICE

Earlier this week, Smirnoff officially launched a new premix in India - Smirnoff ICE. Smirnoff ICE comes in two distinct flavours – Smirnoff ICE Black and Smirnoff ICE Original. The company has some serious ambitions to promote this drink as the preferred beverage of choice among consumers, especially party goers. The drink was launched with the popular singer and actor Ayushmann Khurana and one of my favourite RJ’s Danish Sait.

RJ Danish Sait
Danish was the M.C for the evening and had everyone in the audience laughing away with his trade-mark sense of humour and voices. He called on stage Bhavesh Somaya, Marketing and Innovation Director for Diageo India to talk about Bacardi ICE and how he believes it will revolutionize how every party starts. He was also very excited from the very positive feedback the team had been receiving post the launch in Goa and was positive Bengaluru would have a great time with this drink.

Launching the Smirnoff ICE brand - (L-R): Danish Sait, Ayushmann Khurana and Bhavesh Somaya
Everyone was eagerly waiting for the star of the evening to take the stage. Danish Sait wasted no time in bringing Ayushmann who very cheerfully posed for all the cameras. The entire team then collectively introduced Smirnoff ICE to the audience present. Ayushmann patiently answered questions from the Danish and the audience on a variety of topics including movies, fashion, and his party-scene and even sang a bit for everyone. Once the formalities were done, the party began.

Ayushmann Khurana

Smirnoff ICE Original and Smirnoff ICE Black

The Smirnoff ICE counter made of ice
The bloggers with Ayushmann Khurana
Pic Courtesy: Nivedith G

Held at the Skyee Lounge in UB City, with music by Rohit Barker, everyone got to sample some great snacks and more importantly, the Smirnoff ICE variants. My personal favourite was the Smirnoff ICE Black. I really enjoyed the sharp taste. The Smirnoff ICE Original is a far more subdued citrus variant. Competitively priced at Rs.110, Smirnoff ICE is something you should give a try and see how it helps you break the ICE at your parties.