Food Mood: Chillis, Indiranagar, B'lore

Considering we’ve always had a fairly good time at the branch at Phoenix Market City, we were quite thrilled when Chillis opened up in Indiranagar. We went there a few weeks after it had opened but were a bit disappointed with the experience. The evening was off to a disappointing start when we were told that they’ve not yet received the liquor license and we would have to make do with the mocktails on the menu. It’s not that we were looking to drink, but one would expect a well-established chain like Chillis to have all this in place before they opened up. While we were deciding on what to order, one could make out that the opening had been done in a bit of a hurry because a lot of the construction material was still visible in a corridor towards the back. It’s always the little things like this that annoy me quite a bit.

We ordered our favourite Classic Tacos and Southwestern Rolls which were very consistent with the other outlet when it came to the taste.  I also ordered a chocolate milkshake which was quite yummy.

I chose to have the Oldtimer Burger, which is one of my favourites. I was told that they did not have any beef patty. Dinner that night was quickly turning out to be something like what one would expect at a small-time udipi hotel where the waiter tells you that they have everything and then starts pointing out items listed on the menu that are not available. I was quite annoyed by this time and ordered the Grilled Chicken Burger with extra bacon. My friend ordered the Red Chilli Pesto Pasta which was spicier than usual.

Our experience was less than desirable so we didn’t bother ordering desserts. I’m not sure if I’ll be going there any time soon. All said and done, the waiters were courteous and more attentive to us and others compared to the other branch. That was perhaps the only plus point from my experience.