Ranting - 2014, What a good year it was!!!

We’re already done with 2014???? That year just zipped past.... and what a year it was. There are so many good memories from the year gone by. The biggest memory would definitely be my foray into the world of food blogging. I was extremely fortunate to be introduced to this avenue that brought together food and writing. And it turns out; I seem to be doing a half-decent job with it. Through the various blogger meets I’ve been to, I’ve met so many fellow food enthusiasts who are inspiring and are far crazier about food than I am. 

I also got back to writing about music and towards the end of the year found myself as a guest columnist with the Deccan Chronicle newspaper. I’ve always wanted to be a journalist of sorts, but I’ve lived the “beta engineering karo” dream of my (and most) parents. It may be eight years too late, but better late than never.

I got to listen to and meet some fabulous bands and witness some great gig this year. While I didn’t do any shows myself, I did save up and finally buy my very first Fender Mexican Stratocaster guitar. I was also gifted a whole bunch of pedals from my friend in the US who didn’t have any use for them anymore. God bless him!

I discovered a new passion in photography. I don’t own a DSLR and I don’t claim to be a photographer. But using whatever equipment I’ve got, I’ve managed to take pictures of food and bands in action that people have come to like. So I must be onto something.

As far as the whole day job thing goes, not the greatest year career wise. But I did manage to get one trip abroad to spend a few days in Hong Kong which was lovely. Besides a vacation to Goa at the start of the year and a trip to Pune for the NH7 Weekender, there really wasn’t much travel this year because of a lot of assignments on the food blogging side. 

Nothing changed as far as the (lack of) love life goes. We (the parental unit and I) started the very painful procedure of hunting for a suitable girl through the whole arranged marriage route. It’s been a very tiring process so far that has yielded nothing more than a ton of arguments because of the parental unit believing in all the star-horoscope nonsense. I really should have paid more attention to women back in the day.

As far as aspirations for 2015 go, I need to continue to work on my blogging, photography and music with equal fervour. I sincerely hope to travel a lot more this year. With age catching up, health has to be a big focus area for the year. It’s going to be a big task with all the heavenly food I’m eating regularly. But if I learn to balance my time out better, I’m sure I can make things work. 

I’ve got a whole bunch of people to thank for making 2014 an awesome year. First and foremost, a big hug to the folks who introduced me to the whole world of food blogging because I really love where I am. And an even bigger hug to all the super food bloggers who’ve accepted me into this community and with whom I’ve become good friends. Look forward to conquering more food across the world with you all. A big big thanks to all the people who encouraged me by following my blog in the early days and continue to do so. I hope I can keep giving you great pictures and tales of food and music. A big thanks and a big hug to all the fabulous chefs, the restaurants and their PR teams who believe that my blog counts for something and have introduced me to so many awesome people and food. A super thanks to all the musicians who are keeping the scene alive and putting on these excellent gigs....you guys are awesome... All you guys have given me something substantial to do with my time.

All this wouldn’t be possible without an awesome circle of friends who’ve tolerated me absconding on weekends to take pictures of bands playing and holding back their food when it comes to the table to take pictures. You guys are the best for being so patient and encouraging of whatever work I do no matter how crazy it may be. My sincere gratitude to my guitar teacher for keeping me going and introducing me to the ways of becoming a proper musician. Big big big thanks to my two gurus of photography who make it a point to give me honest (and sometimes brutal) feedback on my pictures. This has allowed me to push myself to keep improving. But the biggest thanks must go to my mum and dad who’ve not fully understood this whole blogging/taking photos thing I do, but proudly tell all the people who come home that their son writes for “big big” hotels and in the newspaper. At least I have an identity for myself right now rather than being defined by which company I work for and what’s my designation.

So look forward to more post in 2015. Wish you all a good peaceful year ahead.