Gig Review: Bevar Sea - IndieMarch 2015, Counter culture, B’lore (Pt.3 of 3)

The final act of the IndieMarch 2015 was the Bangalore-based Stoner-Metal band - Bevar Sea. Having been at their performance at the Black Sabbath tribute show last year, I had high expectations. The riffs and the drumming were tight as expected, but the energy of the vocals that drove the last performance seemed to be missing. That being said the band pulled of a good heavy show with everyone in the house head-banging to all the tunes including their covers of NIB, Snowblind and Astronomy Dominion. The band played some of their more well-known numbers like Universal Sleeper and closed the set with their famous Abhishtu. I woke up the next morning and was not able to feel my neck, so I guess that’s a job well done. Looking forward to their second album that Rolling Stone described as ‘mammoth’.