Gig Review: Shepard - IndieMarch 2015, Counter culture, B’lore (Pt.1 of 3)

Having missed all the previous shows owing to work and travel, I was not going to miss the finale of the IndieMarch 2015 series of gigs at Counter Culture. It also happened to be the first gig of the year that I was attending. 

First up was Shepard. I’ll be quite honest in saying that I went online to check them out for the first time, only the previous evening. Their live performance sounds a lot different from what I had heard online. The band was candid enough to admit that someone would comment that their vocals were off as were the harmonies. That being said, they do have an interesting sound that should get better with time. The drumming is especially tight and so are the leads on the guitar. I rather enjoyed their take of the Pink Floyd classic ‘Have a Cigar’. This three-piece ensemble has something going for them but need to work on getting their live sound to resemble what’s on the online recordings. Look out for their upcoming album – Stereolithic Riffalocalypse. (quite a mouthful isn’t it?)