Food Mood: Meet & Greet with Master Chefs Emelia Jackson & Renae Smith

I’m always grateful to be in the company of people more accomplished than I, especially when it comes to an area that I am passionate about. Today was one such evening. I was invited to be a part of a ‘meet and greet’ session with Emelia Jackson and Renae Smith, accomplished consultants from the sixth season of Master Chef Australia. For those who followed the season, Emelia carved a niche for herself as a dessert specialist and made it to the final three before she was eliminated. The irony was that it was a dessert preparation that caused her elimination. Renae Smith had a similar end to her Master Chef story losing in a dessert-recreation challenge. But most of the folks remember her for the glorious tattoos she had.

Ranae and Emelia

Emelia Jackson

Ranae Smith
This evening at the High at the World Trade Center in Bengaluru had a small group of people spend some time with Emelia and Renae as they tried out some of the Indian fare. The chef brought out a tray of Indian desserts including gulab jamun, rossagulla, gaajar ka halwa, davangere peda and Mysore paak for them to try out and give us their opinion on Indian desserts. This was before the chef put them in the spot by presenting them with a little dish he created and made them guess the ingredients, which they almost got correct (with a little help from the few of us present). While Emelia found most of the Indian desserts overly sweet, Renae turned out to be a big fan of rossagulla and had had six before the meet and greet. Both Emelia and Renae have been in India for a while now and have tasted a lot of Indian dishes including paani puri, paalak paneer and more.

Yours Truly with Ranae and Emelia
Despite having been in media interactions all day, both Emelia and Renae were great sports and answered all the questions we had for them and happily posed for everyone. The Master Chefs are in the city as part of a wine and dine event sponsored by Jacob’s Creek. The spectacular evening includes a 6-course sit down dinner specially created by the Master Chefs and accompanied by Jacob Creek Wines. This happens at the High on March 7th 2015 and a ticket is priced at Rs.4999. It’ll be a an evening of spectacular vegetarian food by Renae Smith and desserts by Emelia Jackson.