Food Mood: Sunday Brunch at Four Points by Sheraton, Whitefield

Brunches seem to be becoming a trend that’s spreading like wild fire among all restaurants. Keeping with this trend, the Eatery at Four Points by Sheraton has introduced a brunch of their own. I was invited to the same over the weekend to try out the spread. The one big difference from a lot of the brunches that I have gone to recently and the one at FPBS is the lack of an outdoor seating area. But that aside, the focus is always on the food and the beverages.

The brunch at FPBS offers a very modest spread that covers Indian, Continental and some Asian cuisine. I started off with the Hot and Sour soup which was quite nice, but my mind was looking forward to the Flambéed Prawns which is a speciality of Chef Mangilal Kurly. I simply fell in love with this dish the last time I was at the restaurant. As always, the prawns were absolutely gorgeous and I shamelessly tucked in more than I should have. As a part of the starters, we also had plate of Tandoori Chicken Kababs, but the prawns....AWWMYYGAWD the prawns. (See what they made me do...made me sound like some deranged teenager getting excited about something mundane like matching socks)

The main course had a fairly extensive spread that included mixed vegetable subzi, paneer subzi and others among the veg. The non veg spread included chicken, lamb and a grilled fish. I rather enjoyed the Mutton Biryani they served. What did impress me was the extensive spread of salads that I gorged into because I was feeling very guilty after belting away at all those prawns. The salads included a pasta salad, a very nice beetroot salad and more. I took a double helping of each of the tiny portions because they were quite delicious. I didn’t have much space to try the oriental section unfortunately; same goes for the pasta section. (Damn you awesome prawns).

When I hit the beverage section, I stumbled across something from my past in the beer selection. ‘Knock Out’ beer. This was a beer whose advertisements that was synonymous with the boxing theme that was an integral part of my growing up. I grabbed one without hesitation. Let me put it this way; there is a reason why Kingfisher and other brands are the beer of choice with people today. I had to get rid of the taste of the beer and requested the bar tender to surprise me with a cocktail. He truly did surprise me with a nice spicy whiskey based cocktail that instantly hit all the right spots and me forget the beer. You could say it knocked the taste out. (Pun intended). The drink was almost like a Bloody Mary, but without the tomato juice. Hats off to the bartender. Do ask them for this drink. Unfortunately, I don’t have a name.

The one thing that has always been quite impressive at the Eatery at FPBS is the excellent spread of desserts that not only taste lovely but also are presented fabulously. We had some Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Roll, and Pie, Mango and Kiwi pudding and a whole lot more. We did justice to the dessert section and were happy as pigs.

Overall, the brunch at the Eatery at FPBS is very modest. A big plus point is the excellent spread of salads and desserts. What could work better are more live counters with some more hand foods like burgers and perhaps some egg variants for those not looking to tuck in a heavy main course. And of course.... MORE PRAWNS!!!!