Food Mood: Sunday Brunch at Sheraton Bangalore, Brigade Gateway

Sunday brunch is always meant to be a fun experience that’s not just about the food, but about spending time with friends and family while lethargically munching away and downing a few drinks.  This essence has been wonderfully captured by the recently opened Sunday Brunch at the Sheraton Bangalore at Brigade Gateway. Spread over a vast area, the buffet offers almost everything from salads, to pizza, to sliders, to kebabs, to pasta and so much more. The tables and the food counters are well spread out across the inside and outside, so no one ever feels cramped or rushed in any manner.

The brunch starts off with an extensive array of salads that cover Zucchini Carpaccio, Grilled Vegetable Antipasti, Marinated Squid and Octopus, Chilli and Basil Clams, Gazpacho and so much more. For those looking to make a salad from scratch, there was even a live counter with more than enough ingredients to make a salad of your choice. Near the salad counter, one even has the option of kicking off the meal with either a Margherita Pizza or a Pepperoni Pizza. The inside area even offers a cheese cart with a variety of cheeses. I had the Octopus salad. It was a momentous occasion because I finally got over my fear of the tentacles grabbing on to the inside of my throat and the Octopus crawling back out again. No such thing happened (Thankfully). I also tried the Corn and Spinach Quiche.

On the outside, the restaurant offered a variety of kebabs on their Persian grill. This includes a Vegetarian Sheek Kebab and a Lamb Koobideh. I really enjoy the lamb which went excellent with the variety of sauces (Chimichurri, garlic mayonnaise, tahini sauce, pickled vegetables) that were available. The grill also offers a Zereshk polo and Bagali polo with Gheimeh Badanjan. For those not looking to have the kebabs, there is some lovely Polenta with Grilled Veggies, Corn on the Cob, Mushroom Cannelloni and Parmigiana Melanzane on the spread. 

The other live grill counter covers a Tofu Steak and an Asian Spicy Chicken Burger respectively. I tried the latter, obviously. The burger was definitely one of the best I’ve had in a long time. The patty had the right amount of spice and required no additional sauces to give it a flavour. Having this fresh off the grill with the cheese melted to just the right temperature made this burger a highlight of the meal for me. Even the French Fries accompanying the burger were absolutely fresh and well done without too much of salt.

Now for the part that many of you have been waiting for - the alcohol.  On either side of the live grill counters are bar counters that offer a variety of liquor and cocktails. I chose to start off with a mojito, because honestly, Mojito rhymes with Sunday Brunch. Okay, it doesn’t, but you get the general idea. My friend and I absolutely loved the cocktails which had the right amount of alcohol to give you a lovely kick to set one off on a happy mood for the rest of the afternoon. Kudos to the bartender. 

With all this, there really wasn’t any room left for the main course because the extensive array of desserts that was calling out to me. The dessert station offered a wide variety of treats including pastry, brownies, cake and more. My second favourite dessert was the Tiramisu which had a hint of alcohol at the end. My friend and I took large helpings of the same and ignored everything else in the second round of desserts. But the crowning glory of the dessert and the meal was the Chocolate Fondant which was positively the best I’ve had in ages. This was a fitting end to our meal. Made absolutely fresh, the chocolate just oozed out once we dug into it.

I definitely recommend the Sunday Brunch at Sheraton Bangalore not only for the food, but the excellent ambiance (includes a live band playing too) and overall experience. At the end of the meal, I felt fat and content like a pig, came back home and crashed for the rest of the day while dreaming about the awesome burgers and desserts.