Gig Pix: The Opening of the Le Meridien Hotel, Gurgaon, Pt. 1 of 2

Those of you who follow me on social media or on the Deccan Chronicle column would know that I was in Gurgaon to interview the French cover band – Nouvelle Vague. But what a lot of you may have missed that this was a part of a larger event which was the grand opening of the 
new Le Meridien Hotel in Gurgaon. 

Now I can write stuff about the heritage and more and make this post sound more like a copy of the press release, but since I have a day job for all that jazz, I’ll put across some of the fun stuff I came across at the opening. Well, it’s after all the Le know there’s class in everything they do!

Did you know that the Le Meridien chain of hotels was established way back in 1972 by Air France to cater to their pilots, flying crew and customers? And over time it’s become one of the more renowned hotel chains in the world. This history tit-bit was new to me. Did you also know that the Le Meridien has an LM100 club that focuses on getting the best artists, photographers, sculptors, musicians and other art-related people under one roof? The hotel ensures that they promote their art work in their various establishments around the world. That’s how Nouvelle Vague found their place with this club. You can walk into any Le Meridien property and you’ll get to witness the emphasis the hotel has n promoting artists of all sorts worldwide.

One of the really cool things that I came across was collection of Éclairs from the Éclair Diary. As a part of this program their executive pastry Chef Johnny Iuzzini, travels the world looking for local twists to the éclair. While the hotel had a collection of éclairs from their hotels here in India when Johnny had visited, the two flavours that caught my eye, and blew the mind of my taste buds apart were the Mishti Dahi éclair and the Old Monk Rum éclair. Yes, two amazing flavours that could not be more Indian in nature yet the éclairs were spectacular.

Old Monk Rum Eclair

Mishti Dahi Eclair

Collection from the Eclair Diary
Below are some pictures from the launch in the morning. Check out the next post to catch some pictures of the evening gala party followed by pictures from the killer gig by Nouvelle Vague.

Anjali Mehra, Director of Marketing & Communications for Starwood Hotels and Resorts in conversation with Brian Povinelli, Global Brand Leader with Starwood Hotels and Resorts

Olivier Libaux from Nouvelle Vague

The Starwood Hotels and Resorts team