Gig Pix: The Opening of the Le Meridien Hotel, Gurgaon, Pt. 2 of 2

As a part of their grand opening, the Le Meridien Hotel in Gurgaon threw a gala party with good music and more than enough ale and grub for everyone. Before the band took over (check out the pics in the next post), the crowd were entertained by The People Pile. This troupe of four dancers were dressed colourful enough to put Govinda to shame. The troupe follows a more contemporary form of dancing that involves theatrics and some-what interpretive dance. To be honest, they scared the devil out of me. I guess this is how clowns some times freak out kids.

Besides that, we had an excellent show of Hand Shadow Art. Once the ribbon was cut, everyone proceeded to catch Nouvelle Vague do their thing.

PS: My camera decided she wants to be stubborn and refused to focus and capture anything properly that evening. Lucky for me, she behaved during the gig.