Gig Review: Amit Heri Trio at B-flat, B'lore

This particular gig featured the Amir Heri trio play at B-Flat. the trio comprised of  Amit Heri on guitars, Ranjit Barot on drums and Karim Elaboudi on keys. The house was surprisingly packed compared to other gigs of this nature. while the musicians seemed to have spent minimum time in rehearsing together (which they admitted), they had a blast jamming away on stage - such is the beauty of jazz and the mastership of music that every member of the trio possessed. What did get to me a bit on some of the songs was the lack of a dedicated bass player that would have taken those songs from mind-blowing to (as Russell Peters puts it) mind-blasting. There was even a guest appearance by Kartik Mani. This was a really fun gig to be at and at the end I was absolutely floored by the quality of music being made. Here are some pics from the gig.