Food Mood: Mango Adventures at Starbucks

I confess that no matter how many fine places I eat at (or drink at), I tend to be very pedestrian when it comes to certain things. Coffee is one of them. Coming from a Tambram family, my love for filter coffee surpasses any other.  One of the big reasons why I chose to be  part of this bloggers meet at Starbucks was because we were not going to be having any coffee, so I knew I wouldn’t be writing a review starting off with a bias on the lines of ‘ this isn’t like my filter coffee’.

With the mango season going on in India, the Starbucks chain launched some new flavours of their Frappucino range to cater to the taste buds of the local market, the speciality being their flavours around mango. That evening, we tried out three of the new entrants to the Starbucks product line which included the Alphonso Mango Frappuccino, the Baked Mango Yoghurt and the Alphonso Mango Frappuccino with Java chip. 

The Alphonso Mango Frappuccino is a straight forward concoction of Alphonso mango with milk, with a topping of whipped cream if you’d like it. The mango flavour is quite mild and does not overburden the taste buds. This has been made possible with the use of actual mango pulp and not synthetic essences or ice cream which gives you a strong mango flavour. This is a relatively light drink compared to a lot of the other frappucinos, and this would go well with the summer. We also tried another variant of the same which added chocolate chips into the mix. I wasn’t too thrilled with this particular mix because chocolate and mango are two distinct flavours that I personally do not enjoy mixing as the result does absolutely no justice to either flavour.

The one that that we did try that I thoroughly enjoyed and recommend everyone to head to their local Starbucks and try is the Baked Mango Yogurt topped with tropical mango sauce. This was a lovely little dish made out of mango puree, yogurt and cream. While I was expecting it to be like a standard mango yogurt, the taste was miles ahead and very refreshing. Most of the bloggers at the table that evening concurred that this was a really good dish. Do note, this is available only until the end of June, so hurry over and pick it up. 

PS: I did not take this particular picture
Do check out the new flavours and let me know which one is your favourite. I hope you enjoy the Baked Mango Yogurt as much as I did.

PS: Below are some pictures from some of the fun activities we had as part of a larger campaign by Starbucks to promote their new frappucino flavours for the summer. Check out #sipface #starbucksfunventures #starbucksindia on your various social media channels to see some of the innovative entries.