Food Pix: From Las Vegas (Pt.1 of 4)

While I was hoping to have a lot more food related pictures from my office-sponsored trip to Vegas, I ended up eating at some standard joints since time ( and money) was a bit tight. Nevertheless, here are some of the lovely (and supremely fattening) food I had during my eight days in Las Vegas. 

I was fortunate to have a Denny's right next door to the motel I was put up at. Why fortunate? Because the food at the conference I had gone for was probably the worst tasting thing I've had in ages. Different versions of bread and even more raw vegetables.... I don't know how folks there survive with no spice or flavour in their lives. The 24-hour Denny's was a big savior as it ensured I got at least one good meal a day. Besides the supremely cheesy omelette , the highlight was the Jack Daniels Steak which...well...Jack Daniels. Need I say more. Here are some pictures from the meals I had at Denny's.

The Jack Daniels Steak