Food Mood: Mustard and Cress at Biere Street, B'lore

It was a fine Saturday evening to have dinner outdoors. For once, we didn’t have torrential rain that started at 7 PM and ruined everyone’s evening plans for the weekend. I was invited to Mustard and Cress at the Biere Street in Whitefield. I’ve been meaning to head there for the longest time ever, but thanks to the distance and traffic, I never really got around to doing it. I’ve heard so much about the ambiance of the place which resembles the streets of London with cobblestones and stores on the side. I wasn’t disappointed. Even though the lighting was rather dim, the place came across as something that would be ideal for a lovely photo shoot during the day. Our host for the evening was Vishal who explained some of the ideas behind the new menu. On the similar lines of the Biere Club, the menu places a large focus on finger foods and smaller portions which are convenient to have along with some cold beer.

The first starter for the evening was a plate of assorted Indian crostini which had mushrooms, mixed peppers and potato. I’ll be honest to say that while the crostini with the peppers was palatable, the rest of the flavours did absolutely nothing to make my taste buds take notice. But this was quickly forgotten by the next dish which was a creamy, cheese and asparagus Vol-au-vent. Despite being filled with cheese, this particular appetizer wasn’t heavy. This snack means ‘windblown’ in French, it lived up to its name and went down nice and easy. We also tried the Potato & apple fritters, with aubergine salad and blueberry mustard emulsion. This dish stood out for me because I’ve normally had apple fritters as a part of the dessert. The fritters were made quite differently from what I’ve experienced as the filling inside was not a crunchy apple but consisted of the apple being beaten into a nice thick pulp.

Assorted Indian Crostini

Cream, cheese and asparagus Vol-au-vent

The Bloody Mary

As a part of the non-vegetarian starters, we had the Spice grilled chicken skewers, green bean & coconut salad. This had a very chettinad taste to the chicken and perfectly complimented the stout beer that evening. Next up was a very familiar taste - Wok tossed chilli garlic crispy prawns. While prawns were fresh and crunchy, there really wasn’t a new flavour that I was experiencing.  This was followed by the Spicy lamb minced rolls. This particular dish turned out to be something I really enjoyed. Made the size of dragon rolls, the lamb inside was nice and spicy while the rolls itself were crispy and light. This was the perfect finger food for the evening. Most of the other bloggers also fell in love with this particular dish. We also tried the Japanese style tenderloin skewers, but the previous dish had pretty much taken all the votes we had.

Spicy grilled chicken skewers

Wok tossed chilli garlic crispy prawns

Spicy lamb minced rolls

Japanese style tenderloin skewers

Before we hit the main course, we all got a small serving of a soup made out of corn, coconut milk and coriander. At the risk of sounding like a teenager, but ….. aaaaawwwwmyyyyygawd. This soup was simple brilliant. The taste was largely like something you would have with Thai cuisine, everyone fell instantly in love with this. We all shamelessly requested for a second helping knowing very well that this was going to fill us up. But …. YOLO! (I’m going to hate myself for using that term). This was accompanied with a Crispy Bang Bang chicken, glass noodles, cucumber, spring onions, satay sauce salad.

Corn, coconut milk and coriander soup

Crispy bang bang chicken

The main course began with a Madras curry inspired green vegetable risotto with organic red rice, crisp okra, parmesan which was perhaps the most disappointing dish of the evening. To me it was pretty much the local favourite bisi-bele bath with aroborio rice. One spoon in and I was done. There was no love to be found with the Thai style charred pumpkin & red capsicum risotto either. What I did enjoy as a part of the vegetarian dishes was the pizza. But then again, anyone who knows me knows how much in love I am with pizza.

While the staunch vegetarians might accuse me of being biased towards non vegetarian food, the saviour of the main course came in the form of a Panko crumbed blue cheese butter stuffed chicken over spinach, creamy mash. Folks who are not accustomed to the taste of blue cheese, stay away from this dish as it is the very first taste that hits you. The flavour of chicken is very mild in comparison. At this point, most of us were quite full. ( A lot of you just thought,” Obviously…. What were you expecting?”) I just sampled the Indian style lamb lasagne, masala garlic bread and a little salad and the Kashmiri style spiced lamb & beetroot stew. I’ll be honest and admit that I don’t remember much of the taste as I was well beyond my capacity at that point.

Panko crumbed blue cheese butter stuffed chicken

Indian style lamb lasagne

Kashmiri style spicy lamb

We all requested that we be given a break to allow the food to settle before we made space for dessert. Yes…dessert. How uncivilized do you think we are by skipping dessert? Dessert consisted of a platter of seasonal Mango Panna cotta, Mishti dahi with red velvet cake and Chocolate & orange mousse with pillows of rasmalai and biscuit. The panna cotta and he mousse were nothing out of the ordinary.  Now the mishti dahi with red velvet cake combination was something else. These are two very distinct flavours that one would not put together. However, in this particular instance it seemed to work well. While the red velvet cake wasn’t mind-blowing, the combination did find good favour with the bloggers at the table.