Food Mood: DIY with Eggs at Smokehouse Deli, put together by Foodie Doodle

As someone whose new found aim in life is to scour the globe (or at least the city of Bangalore) trying out new dishes, this particular evening was a very different affair compared to some of the other food blogger gigs I’ve been to.  Normally, all the super talented chefs put together these little pieces of heaven for us to eat. This time, we were a part of the creation process. 

Organized by the folks at Foodie Doodle, this evening at the Smokehouse Deli in Indiranagar was a DIY class on egg-based dishes. Leading the class was Chef Saurabh Arora and his team of chefs who ensured even someone like me did not set the place on fire. Through the evening we were going to make four dishes, with the common theme of eggs. 

We kicked off the evening with a Mommy Style Akuri. Made almost on the lines of an egg bhurji, this dish was a quick preparation with jalapeno, salsa, tobacco, onions and more…. Not to forget the key taste driven by the Madras Curry Powder. The whisked eggs were cooked with all the spices and vegetables and go excellent with some nice toasted bread. As far as the taste goes, this dish is mildly spicy but is very close to a regular egg bhurji. It makes well for a quick meal or an early light dinner.

The next dish on the agenda was the Greek Styled Baked eggs. The preparation for this dish was something I’ve not seen before. Besides the two eggs that get baked sunny-side up, the interesting part was when the chef poured the well-beaten egg whites which puffed up in the oven almost like a cake. This was then adorned with a nice Greek salad. This dish wasn’t as easy to make as the previous one, but was far tastier. The baked eggs at the bottom, the fluffy egg white in the middle and the Greek Salad on top gave this dish a fabulous taste. Absolutely light on the stomach, this dish is worth the patience of having to make it. 

We moved on to prepare Poached Eggs with Deviled Baked Beans and Hash Browns. While one leaves two eggs to be poached, the baked beans are easy to prepare with chilli flakes, tobacco and the all-important bacon (cut into slices). I knew I was in love the moment the bacon met the baked beans. The hash brown potatoes were already prepared. The dish is otherwise quite simple. The hash browns are the base on which the baked beans (and bacon…must not forget bacon) are placed and topped with the two poached eggs. On the spicier side, this dish was sheer joy to have because it pretty much contained all the essential food groups I need to stay as healthy as I am. This was my favourite dish of the evening.

Our final dish was the Curry Benedict. This dish contained eggs, hash browns, sausages, curry sauce and coriander. The curry sauce was again driven by the Madras Curry Powder. On top of the base of hash browns was a mixture of chicken ham and chicken sausages with onions. Garlic and chilli flakes. This was topped with poached eggs and tobacco sauce to give it a spice. The Curry Benedict is again a heavy dish but is ideal for an early dinner. 

This was a fabulous evening that left me with new things to try out at home.  And by ‘try out’ I mean, get mum to stand next to me while I act all MasterChef like and ensure I do not burn the kitchen down. A big thanks to the Nitin and Rahul from Foodie Doodle who put together this fun evening that was a lot more than just tasting excellent food but by experiencing what it’s like to make some of these great dishes we love by fabulous chefs. 

PS: If you want the detailed recipes, get in touch with me... and get your eggs on!