'High on Power' - at the High Ultra Lounge, B'lore

I’m in love with the view from the High Ultra Lounge and personally think it’s one of the best views the city has got. Couple that with some cocktails made by Guru, their bar director, and you’re all set for a great evening. A few folks from the social media space and I were invited to one such evening last Sunday to experience some of Guru’s magic for a festival called ‘High on Power’. Sponsored by Jim Beam, this festival uses politics as the main theme and offers patrons cocktails created around some renowned global and local political figures.

We kicked off the evening with a cocktail called From Russia with Love. No guesses needed on whom this cocktail was themed on. This frozen concoction consisted mainly of vodka and elderflower. This cocktail was probably one the most delicately balanced drinks I’ve had in a long time. With the taste of vodka just coming through, the lasting taste was that of the elderflower. While I personally prefer my cocktails to be a lot stronger, this is definitely apt for someone looking to try out new flavours and not necessarily look to get sozzled.

Next up was the BARlusconi which was more to my liking. Put together on the lines of a Negroni, this strong mixture of Campari, grapefruit and Jim Beam whiskey hit all the right spots and is definitely something I’d recommend for someone with stronger taste buds. This was followed by a rather weak invention known as the Italian Duddu. With cream, milk, white rum and other flavours thrown in, this drink felt like a watered-down version of the Bailey’s Irish Cream. The only difference in flavour came from the star aniseed. This concoction was a big thumbs down from everyone present.

This was soon forgiven with the SourKozy which whose simple blend of gin, champagne, lemon juice and sugar restored a good flavour to my mouth. The drink was a refreshing summer drink. We were also served the Drinktator made out of Soju and plum; I didn’t enjoy the taste of this either. But then, I’ve never been a big fan of the Japanese brews, Sake included.

We also tried some interesting cocktails designed around prominent current Indian politicians, but I’ll just put up the pictures and refrain from commenting on the same. Hurt sentiments followed by mobs demanding a public apology whilst burning my effigy is not really my thing.

The final two cocktails of the evening were themed around two of the more popular American presidents.  The Monica Blewinsky brought together Jim Beam Whiskey, Caramel and Campari with roasted nuts. While the drink itself wasn’t too bad in terms of taste, I preferred the roasted nuts. The final drink of the evening was the Potus Passion that combined passion fruit, lime, ginger juice, beer and Jim Beam. Another summery drink, the classic combination of lime and ginger left a very refreshing taste. The taste of the beer was almost muted but I really did not mind that.

Accompanying the cocktails were some lovely eats including momos, crispy chilli potato and others. Keeping the evening fun was stand-up comedian Sundeep Rao who had everyone in splits with his witty responses and tasteful humour.

The ‘High on Power’ festival is on till the 6th of August. With the average price of the cocktail at INR 450, do take the time to head out to the High Ultra Lounge and see which politician suites your palate (I know in real-life, none of them do). My top three recommendations would be the delicate From Russia with Love, the stronger BARlusconi and The Muffler.