Vikas Khanna launches 'Shaken and Stirred'

Anyone who has been in the ‘food circle’ in India is aware of Vikas Khanna, one of the few Indian chefs with a Michelin Star to their name. One can only imagine my delight at the opportunity to meet him. I was invited to the book release of Vikas’ 20th book titled ‘Shaken not stirred’ which took place at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Electronics City in Bengaluru. This book focusses completely on non-alcoholic beverages; but as Vikas said, one is always free to make them more exciting. 

The idea for the book came around when he noticed that most of the people at restaurants who didn’t enjoy a wine or something stronger like a whiskey with their meal, ended up ordering a coke because the mocktails weren’t particularly enticing. Keeping this audience in mind, Vikas put together a book that brings a lot of natural elements together to put out some very enticing drinks.

I was quite fortunate to receive a signed copy from Vikas. Mum and I are looking forward to spending the next few weekends putting together drinks from the book. I will obviously be adding the required secret sauces.