Chumbak launches a new flavour!

You might have been a little surprised looking at the title of this post for a couple of reasons. First, Isn’t Chumbak an accessories and home décor brand and what does it have to do with ‘a new flavour’? Your second question might be, what is Nikhilesh doing writing about a home décor brand on his blog? Isn’t the boy all about food and music?

I’ll answer the second question first. Yes, my blog and ‘expertise’ (cough…..cough) is limited to food and music. I do not claim, nor do I want to claim that I know anything about things like interior decoration, fashion, technology and so on. So why am I writing about Chumbak? This brand, that to me was synonymous with funky India-centric designs for phone covers, coasters, baggage tags and more, has been very quietly growing their inventory to encompass a much larger range of products such as home furniture, art and more. As a part of this larger campaign, titled #MakeHappy, the brand has tied up with Milano, a dessert bar in Indiranagar to launch its own flavour after an online poll. The purpose is to associate all things happy with the brand. And what can make people happier than ice cream (or gelato in this case)? Well I could name a few things; cold desserts are definitely high up on that list.

Thankfully, the larger audience chose some of my favourite flavours, which are mint and chocolate. I was invited to try out the flavour. I’m assuming that the helping of ice cream I got was according to my size because it was very generous and I had to discipline myself to not over eat. Topped with sprinkles and chocolate sauce, the mint is mild yet adequate enough to bring about a refreshing taste in the mouth after the chocolate. Overall, it’s a fairly mild taste but is quite refreshing. 

I shall be going back to Milano to try out the other flavours. As far as extending their brand beyond their known accessories, apparel and home décor, this is an interesting extension by Chumbak. Do check out this flavour and some of the goodies at the store. 

PS: There is this particular wall-art which is yellow with the silhouette of a Tiger with stripes. You can buy that for me. Don’t worry; I’ll take care of framing it.