The German Food Festival at Feast, Sheraton Grand

It’s time for the Oktober Fest! And celebrating it, the Feast at Sheraton Grand Bangalore put together a German food festival, which for someone with my tastes, was simple brilliant thanks to all the non-vegetarian. Let’s be honest Paneer Bratwurst just doesn’t cut it. Our meal began with two classic German sausages – The Bratwurst and the Knackwurst. The former is a German classic and I was happy that they had the stronger whole mustard sauce when I asked for it. This went really well with the little helpings of Sauerkraut and red cabbage that I had to balance out the flavour. The Knackwurst was a little more flavourful and had a nice cracking skin on the outside that gave it just a little most zest than the bratwurst.

Next up was the lentils soup with sausage. For me, the problem with anything with lentil is that I ultimately dumb it down to either a daal or a rasam because that’s what it tastes to me. The soup was nothing to write home about and we quickly moved on. We were served the Bacon wrapped meatloaf with boiled egg and creamy sauce. Traditionally, meatloaf is a heavy dish that stands alone by itself. However, the chef had ensured that the dish was kept light and was served in smaller portions to ensure people don’t make a meal out of that. Nice light flavour, but nothing that knocked my socks off. On the contrary, the vegetarian variant - Bread dumpling with creamy mushroom sauce has a nice mushroom and light pepper flavour to it. I did go back for a second helping of this dish because it ticked all the boxes in terms of flavour and presentation.

Before we continued with more of the main course, we tried out some of the salads.  The Pasta salad with green peas and cooked ham, the Potato salad with egg and mayonnaise and the Pickled cucumber salad with dill were my favourites. The Potato salad became a constant on my plate from the first bite.

Next up was Beef roulades with sauce. While the beef was a little tougher than what I was expecting and it took a bit of chewing to break this down, the dark sauce was quite tasty and drove the flavour of the meat. I was hoping that the roulade would have held a little more flavour.  The Chicken schnitzel with lemon was nice crunchy piece of chicken that was very light and if not checked can cause one to overindulge.

Considering the amount of knackwurst I had tucked in, I wasn’t left with much space for dessert. I served myself very small portions of the Red berry compote with Vanilla Sauce and the Strudel with vanilla sauce. The desserts offered a familiar flavour that one would expect, but nothing noteworthy. You would have noticed that I’ve not mentioned any beer in the entire post. Quite simple, this was a food festival and not a beer festival. That being said, I was hoping to try at least one imported German beer this evening just to complete the entire package.

The final verdict – the German food festival doesn’t offer anything to the vegetarians on account of the nature of the cuisine. But for those who enjoy sausages and meats, do try and catch the festival before it closes on the 4th of October . The spread is relatively limited compared to previous food festivals at Feast, some of the flavours have been tempered down to suit the Indian palate and the absence of German styled beers leaves just a little to be desired. Do catch the spread if you’re in the area.