The Saturday Brunch at Cafe Azure, Vivanta by Taj Yeshwantpur

How do you compete in a market where ‘Sunday brunch’ is the big thing? Quite simple…. Introduce the Saturday Brunch. This is the reasoning behind relatively new Saturday Brunch at Mou Taverna at Café Azure at the Vivanta in Yeshwantpur. I was invited to try out the spread at Azure over a month ago. But owing to work and travel, I completely forgot to work on this. But, better late than never. Focussed on a largely Mediterranean theme, the café has a very impressive spread in terms of both non vegetarian and vegetarian dishes. The two big stand outs for me were the salad section and the dessert section which not only looked quite impressive, but offered some very good flavours too.

The salad section is quite elaborate with various cheeses, dips, and very fresh salads that are quite addictive. The carrot hummus was my favourite part of the section. With a lot of the Mediterranean flavours standing out, this was one of my fav sections, and I went back for quite a few helpings.

As far as the main course goes, the one big thing that stood out for me was that the flavours in the vegetarian section out did the flavours in the non vegetarian section. With delightfully tasting dishes like the Grilled Vegetable Briami, the Stuffed Spinach Crepes and the Avri Meshwi, I found myself going back for seconds. In comparison, the non veg section was relatively ordinary with only two dishes knocking my socks off. Those were the scrumptious Roasted  Pork Belly with Blue Berry Sauce and the Himalayan Trout. The rest of the dishes in this section came across as average and missed the ‘wow’ factor in terms of new flavours. But like having that one batsman whom you can depend on when the rest of the team is failing, the Roasted Pork Belly was an absolute champion and is among some of the best I’ve had.

The one thing one needs to be very careful at Café Azure is to not over indulge on the salads and main course, because one needs ample room for the very elaborate dessert spread. As the picture shows, the folks here have pulled out all the stops to set up a beautiful dessert table. From Strawberry Mouse cakes to Red VelvetMango Creameux, the table offered a numerous treats. My favourite was this beautifully designed little dessert made of Green Tea and cream. More marks to the presentation when compared to the taste.

Overall, Mou Tavern has something good going. It’s early days yet and there are a few areas of improvement like the flavours in the non veg section, drastic improvements to the liquor and mocktails section, but I am willing to let that pass for the detailed salad section, the impressive dessert table and the flavourful Mediterranean vegetarian food. If you’re looking for some new flavours and are willing to travel, do check out the Saturday Brunch at the Mou Tavern at Vivanta by Taj, Yeshwantpur.