Bento Boxes from Shiro

While 'Home Delivery' epitomizes how lazy the human race has become, there's no denying the convenience it brings. Especially in a city like Bangalore where 'Traffic' is the biggest factor to be considered with any decision. Food delivery is now more popular than ever with numerous players in the market. Shiro has decided to jump on the bandwagon too.

Tying up with Swiggy, the popular delivery food delivery app, Shiro have put together their version of the Bento Box. Keeping it simple with a few options, each box is a meal by itself suitable for one average person. Priced very competitively considering the quality of the ingredients and the high-class cooking that Shiro is well-known for, the Bento Box from Shiro is a winner.

I ordered three boxes to be delivered at home. The Veg Makimono Bento (INR 445),  comes with 4 pieces each of veg spicy California roll, spicy tofu and avacado roll and crispy avacado roll , served with chef's salad & dimsum. 

No Japanese meal is complete without some Sushi and Sashimi. I ordered the Sushi, Sashimi & Makimono Bento Box (INR 625) with four pieces each of Spicy Salmon Negi Makimono roll and California Makimono roll. This was served with assorted sushi nigiri & sashimi.

The main course comprised of a Seafood Donburi Bento with Udon Noodles and the Prawn in Hotbean Sauce (INR 495).

In terms of the quality of food, A+ effort. The only areas that have me a little concerned is the fact that these meals are available during lunch time only on weekdays. Given the fact that a lot of people whom I know would love to stay at home and have this meal on a weekend and catch up on sleep and house chores, is a bit of a concern. Another challenge is the fact that Swiggy has a limited radius within which to deliver the food. Both of these hopefully would get addressed as time goes by. That being said, definitely a good move in the right direction by Shiro. I'm just thrilled to be within delivery radius.