Once upon a Burger King...

Everyone loves a good love story. Boy meets girl under serendipitous conditions, the universe tests their mettle by throwing great hurdles in their path, all of which they overcome to become a couple and live happily ever after. Well, except for Romeo and Juliet, that didn’t work out too well for either of them. Luckily, the love story I am going to talk about not only ends happily, it ends with the potential for further great stories.

Burger King, inspired by numerous love stories from the past, put together a very intriguing love story between two of the most unlikely of characters, Chick and Fries. The love story starts of like every classic tale where one of the two, in this case Fries is popular amongst all and has no dearth of friends and admirers. The other, Chick, is oblivious to his presence. As fate would have it, a seemingly unassuming day at the park ended up with Fries laying his eyes on Chick and as they say…. The rest was history.

Well, not an easy history. Rooster, Chick’s father is the perfect example of every Bollywood father (and regular-Joe father), who disapproves of his daughter’s love interests. Banishing his daughter to the coop once he discovers what he feels is her betrayal for spending time with Fries. People will never learn that opposites attract. That’s a rule of nature, but without having those who defy this rule, we won’t have the kind of stuff that legendary love stories are made of. After a midnight rescue, Chick and Fries elope and soon enough exchange vows in front of their friends in a wedding in front of a giant Whopper.

Normally, most love stories end here. This time, we go a little further to see how both Chick and Fries actually make a lovely couple. Times goes by and soon enough, the duo became a trio. Blessed with a beautiful pack of #ChickenFries, both Chick and Fries knew that this was the start of another adventure.

I may have given too much of this love story away, but it’ll be a different experience for each person. At Rs.79, folks can experience the essence of the world of Fries and Chicken, with Burger King’s new #ChickenFries. Accentuated by a lovely Smoky Dip, #ChickenFries brings the crunchiness of fries with the tastiness of chicken. Catch them at your nearest Burger King outlet.