Smoke House Deli Goes the Healthy Way

For most people, the term ‘eating out’ is associated with an unhealthy lifestyle (and now an expensive one too thanks to various taxes). More often than not, the term ‘health conscious’ brings up images of abstinence from good tasting food. My addiction to 'all things salad' from late last year has however shown me that eating healthy doesn’t have to mean ‘eating boring’. (PS: It’s a different story that I’ll gorge down an entire chicken after a rather large bowl of salad). 

Bringing fun and flavour to the term ‘healthy’, the folks at Smoke House Deli ( on Lavelle Road) introduced a special, and fairly elaborate, menu of healthy yet scrumptious food that covers everything from vegan to vegetarian to diary free to paleo and more. I was invited to the launch in March, but owing to work and travel, never got around to writing about it. I have gone back twice since to satisfy my appetite with the healthy options. While the launch had us sample almost all the dishes off the menu, I’d like to describe some of my favourites and some of the healthier options whose flavour doesn’t have me quite convinced. The Paleo Coconut and Seafood Broth is one of my favourites on the menu. A Thai-inspired soup has been created for the lactose intolerant eater, without compromising on flavour. Strong flavours of lemongrass and coriander make this a favourite for almost any time of year. There was also a Millet and Spinach soup that a friend of mine fell in love with, but I’m yet to give that one a taste.

The menu also offers low glycemic sandwiches made from either gluten free bread or ragi, which despite the ominous sounding category were quite flavourful. I do recollect trying out the Soya Marinated Tofu and Spinach, whose filling I enjoyed thoroughly although the bread didn’t quite hit the spot as it got soggy fairly quickly and crumbled. 

Salads! One of my current cooking obsessions! The Super Salads offer patrons numerous options to choose from including Grilled Peach and Papaya with Amaranth Granola, a Classic Watermelon with feta and arugula (another favourite of mine), smoke chicken and caper berries and more. The highlight for me was the apricot chilli dressing on the Kefir soaked Chicken with organic red rice and brown rice flakes salad. (PS – Not yet a fan of red rice).

SHD has also included gluten free pasta made from scratch with their signature non-wheat flour. We were served a plate of the Jowar Gnocchi and Mushroom Fricasse. I’ll admit that I’m a bit of a moody eater when it comes to regular Gnocchi. Unfortunately, the one made from jowar didn’t quite cut it for me. Everyone else at the table did seem to enjoy the flavours and go for seconds. My favourite from that course was the Grilled Vegetable Ravioli with Coconut and Soya Milk. Served with sunflower seeds, the sauce tasted fabulous with the ravioli that was cooked perfectly. 

The main course (Yes, we’ve just gotten to the main course) kicked off with Pan Seared Rawas with Soya milk and Bhavnagri sauce, served with kidney beans, chickpeas and corn. Another diary free dish, the fish needed probably just a minute more of cooking as it the skin was a bit soft. Besides that, wonderful flaking and a strong blend of flavours from every element on the plate. Some of the other dishes we sampled were the Ras El Hanout grilled Chicken with Spicy Brown rice, something that found favour with everyone owing to the overall spicy flavour; and the Lean Tenderloin steak with Roasted Cauliflower.

I was looking forward to seeing what dessert would have in store, because, to me, the only healthy dessert in the world is a simple fruit salad. While the Banana Flour Cake with Carrot Pate wasn’t the most appetizing dish I’ve seen, the flavours were all there. While it ticked off all the boxes on what a dessert should be, it was missing the typical guilty pleasure of a dessert that one expects. It was a similar story with the Cacao Nib and Soya Milk Cheese Cake with a Nachini Crust. Ticked all the boxes, great presentation but I wasn’t feeling guilty. And it is that guilt that makes one love a dessert even more.

Despite staying away from all the good stuff like cheese, butter, oil and more, the meal at SHD was quite filling yet didn’t make me feel bloated such that I wanted to go back home and sleep for the rest of the day. As I had mentioned, I’ve been back to SHD on Lavelle Road twice since the inaugural lunch and have never missed ordering the Paleo Coconut and Seafood Broth and the classic Watermelon with feta and arugula salad, irrespective of what else I may order. Kudos to the chefs for going the extra mile to bring the terms ‘healthy food’ and ‘tasty food’ closer to one another. It won’t be love at first bite for many people, but do make your way through the extensive menu and find your favourites.