Brunch at the  LaLiT Ashok, Bangalore

Brunch at the LaLiT Ashok, Bangalore

On any other Sunday brunch post, I'd spend time describing which of the dishes stood out and why. However, this post about the Sunday brunch at the LaLiT Ashok, Bangalore requires me to focus on a bigger picture than just food. This time, as part of a community building initiative, the LaLiT Ashok celebrated 'diversity' by bringing  Chef Chris Trapani, the first transgender chef to appear on the Food Network scene in the U.S to India to promote his signature Tex-Mex dishes.

Touring across five cities in India, Chef Trapani brought his food truck company ‘Urban Cowboy’ to not only serve up some delicious grub, but to share his experience by conducting workshops on running a catering business for members of the transgender community. His passion for food was evident from the food being served. Right from the delicious steaks to the breakfast tacos (something I completely missed eating this time when I was travelling to the U.S) to some absolutely succulent prawns. The dish for the day was the biscuits with the delicious jams that were served. The love for these was unanimous.


Served outdoors by the pool, the buffet had quite a large spread covering everything from waffles to chaat to biryani, to live counters and to dessert. It was nice to see not every gravy had the same colour. I didn't spend much time at the bar beyond grabbing a pint of KF Ultra, of which I drank half. The live counters for kababs and chaat were busy right through the brunch. The choices we had can be seen in the pictures below. The baklava stood out among the desserts.


Besides tying up the lunch with a good cause, the LaLiT Ashok brunch would be remembered for being the only brunch so far, where people were allowed to bring their pets. Our table had the majestic, and over enthusiastic, Fluffy who's Monika Manchanda’s dog. We also had the company of LaLiT Ashok's mascot and in-house pet, Bernie, a rescue Saint Bernard. Overall, this was a delightful value-for-money brunch that met all the expectations I had.


PS - I only wish I had taken my swimming trunks along to jump into the pool.

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